| forgetting the memories. |

Fucking hell! Why did that little Love Goddess (or whatever the fuck she is) have to bring her up. It has been eight months and four days since I last thought of that little whore and everything that happened. I sold my soul because of what love did to me, I don’t want to remember! Sure, I can’t feel or remember how I felt, but just hearing her name or thinking of all that happened. It drives me mad! I even sometimes wish I would’ve died instead of made the deal, just got this life done with already. Not that anyone will ever know that. I wasn’t regretting anything, I was going okay, I’m alright. Life is good, or at least I thought it was! Why did Amy have to bring her up? Why did she stop her from loving me back? Why did I get picked to be one of the unlucky ones! Why haven’t other poor bastards sold their soul, as I have sold mine? I was a good fucking guy! I loved that cheating little slut with all of my being, if she would’ve asked for the moon I would’ve gotten it for her. But no, I got shit in return for loving someone. Life is so much better without love, I don’t care what anyone says - I’m right and they’re wrong. I need a fucking drink and a few cigarettes, I just want to forget remembering her - I wish the memories would’ve left with the emotion. I don’t even know what I am saying anymore…I just need some alcohol and a good comic, take my mind of things. 

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