• name: Zane Turner
  • age: 24 years old (DOB: February, 9th, 1988)
  • type: Human (damned/sold soul)
  • family: Dead Father, only child, hasn’t spoken to his Mother in three and half years.
  • job: Bartender at Sinsactional’s Pub (one of his favorite places in town)
  • thoughts on love: Knows that love is real and has felt it, but pushes it away and refuses to call it something good in life Due to his ex-lover cheating on him - he sold his soul to never feel love again. Tells his self he doesn’t miss it at all. 
  • type of drunk: Mean, a very mean and harsh drunk.
  • three words: Stubborn, Heartless, and Out-Spoken. 
  • drinks/smokes: Drinks more than he should and is a bit of a chain-smoker.
  • tattoos: Has a black ‘x’ located slightly to the left of the center of his chest. (over his heart)
  • sex-life: Uses sex as many drug addicts use drugs; normally using it to block out his inner most thoughts or to fuck with a girl’s mind. If he is attracted to someone, male or female, he’ll fuck em’. After he made the deal he began to realize how attracted to men he really was, and lusted for them just almost as much as females. Though when he does sleep with men, he doesn’t fuck with their minds because he holds them to a higher level.
  • mindset: "Fuck everything" kind of view point. 
  • favorite type of film: Slasher/Horror/Thriller. 
  • attitude toward others: Most of the time is either rude, harsh, out-spoken to others. Also likes to play with (female’s) minds for the hell of it. However if people can get past his wall - he can be quite nice in his own way. 
  • lives: On his own, in a darker messy apartment.
  • hobbies: Cooks and Reads Comics.
  • favorite comic: The Walking Dead 
  • favorite superhero: Batman
  • love vs. lust: Although he sold his soul to rip away love and caring *romantic caring*, he can still feel lusting and attraction. (which means he feels the lust in sex like every other man, or maybe even more since love isn’t apart of the action anymore) 
  • does he care at all: Even though he cannot care romantically for another human anymore - he can still care. Well sort of, he was given the right to care for friends but he may have a few trust issues that messes with his caring level on its own. He does want friends, but a part of him would rather be alone - less disappointments, that way. 
  • fears: Getting too close to anyone, waking up one day and the deal not pulling up its side, along with a slight fear of being stabbed in the heart to death.
  • theme song: Heartless
  • relationship history: Has dated a total of three girls in his past, each he fell desperately in love with but never had the best of luck with keeping their relationships. His first ex and him grew apart after some time, the second didn’t treat him so well, while his last ex who cheated on him was the reason for his deal. 
  • turn ons: Attraction, Lust, Torture, Pain, Hate, Passion, and Roughness. 
  • turn offs: Clinginess, Cuddling, Sweet Nothings, and Future Plans.
  • sexuality: He was bi-curious before his deal, after his deal was made his lust levels were higher than ever before leading to him being fully attracted to both sexes. So many would call him bisexual now, though he is slightly more attracted to women. He holds men to a higher standard because he believes they are the better of the two. At the end of the day, if he is attracted to someone - he will fuck them, it’s as simple as that. 
  • skills: Very Good Cook, Quick Reader, Skilled Bartender, Unyielding Ablitiy to “Not Give a Fuck”, Decent Singer, and Can Play the Guitar. 
  • phobias: The Deal Going Sour and Him Feeling Love Again, Snakes, or Being Veiwed as the Weak “Pussy” He Used to Be.
  • bad habits: Hurts People’s Feelings Even When Not Trying To, Curses Like a Sailor, Along With being Very Selfish at Times. 
  • pet peeves: People Who Think Sex Is Suppose to “Mean” Something, People Who Speak Down to Him, Couples, Chick Flick Previews Before Horror/Slasher Flicks, and Boring Sex.
  • nervous ticks: Fidgeting legs and constantly running his fingers through hair.  
  • common used word(s): “Fuck”, “No”, and “Fucking”.
  • favorite foods: Pasta, Supreme Pizza, Butter Pecan Ice Cream, Cheese Sticks, and Oranges. 
  • favorite drinks: Tropical Hooter (alcoholic), New Orleans Hurricane (alcoholic), Vodka, Dr. Pepper, and Any Type of Juice. 
  • favorite animal: African Lion because they are one of the most deadly creatures and “they know their shit”. 
  • favorite place(s): The Pub, Dark Rooms, and Outdoors During the Fall.


“Remember back at Ryder High, wishing on stars in the Texas sky? I got your name tattooed across my heart how could we lose? Back in black when we were hand in hand, two young kids like Jack and Diane. Falling at the speed of light and burning up never felt so right. So many nights we drove around, king and queen of the whole damn town. Voted most likely to succeed, we were everybody’s meant to be. Burned out plans to take over the world, did I fuck it up, or did we just get bored? Kept losing at the same old game, we had our 15 minutes of fame. We took it all the way, you can’t say we didn’t try. So why don’t I miss you? Tell me what am I supposed to do, after all the shit that we’ve been through… I can’t feel a thing. Maybe I was too high, maybe I just sobered up too soon. You’re still on the dark side of the moon, and always on my mind. So why don’t I miss you?”

Most people say that there is no life without love, but the human Zane Turner would disagree. In his eyes, there is no life with love. Love will destroy you, make you weaker. Well, at least that’s what love did to him. He tries his best to forget all about that year of his life, but the memories are still clear in his head. When he thinks about it, he feels nothing - but that happens only for one of the worst choices he has made.

Zane used to know a girl - a beautiful and apparently sweet girl who he eventually dated. Love took over him - she was his world, and the world without her would be nothing but wasted space. They were inseparable, and apparently nothing could come between them - except themselves. Even when everything seemed to be perfect, their relationship came to an end when he found out that he wasn’t her only one. She felt no guilt or regret, but as for him… the feelings of betrayal, disappointment an lost love were spread all over his face when he signed the contract that would change his life - or at least his destination when he left this world. His contract stated that he would sell his soul in exchange for the removal of each and every feeling related to love. His soul now belong to Hell, and his heart to no one.

After the effects of selling his soul kicked in, all the feelings that connected him to his former lover were completely erased from him. Love is somethint impossible for him to feel, even if he tries to. The feeling is no longer a part of him, and there is no way to get it back.

Now, you may think that a person whose unable to experience the most wonderful feeling in the world might be at least hate his life and the situation he finds himself in, but the truth is that the contract did nothing but good for him. He now lives life with no worries - the supernatural world is something he is aware of, but since no one would attack someone with an already damned soul, he has nothing to fear. Going back to the miserable situation he was in is also not an option, because if you can’t love, you can’t get hurt.

Knows about the supernatural? Yes.

Personality: Most people would think that someone who can’t love would lack on the rest of good characteristics, but no. Zane can’t love, he can’t  feel love towards anyone, but that doesn’t keep him away from having friendships and good relationships with the ones around him. He doesn’t accept any opinion other than his own, and the fact that he can never care too much makes it even easier for him to express his opinion - if he hurts someone’s feelings, so what? Someone hurt his once, and look where it got him. 

Does Zane regret selling his soul? Not one bit. Getting rid of what made him miserable was glorious, and life has been much better since he signed his contract with Hell.

The role of Zane Turner is open.

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